Delivering the benefits of ubiquitous Light Communications to serve people & technologies, requires a far-reaching & coherent ecosystem working at a determined pace


Driving a consistent, focused & concise approach to market education that will highlight the benefits, use cases & timelines for Light Communications


Aligning leaders across every industry to develop or envisage business models using Light Communication systems & technologies by defining a standard of education in an efficient communication & co-operation frame.



Any company or educational institute can become a member of the Light Communication Alliance if it demonstrates that it has a legitimate interest in the development, standardization, adoption, or usage of Light Communications technology.

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The Light Communications Alliance (LCA) is formed to lead the global adoption of this technology, offer unprecedented wireless communications and to build a far-reaching, coherent & sustainable ecosystem.

Committed to enabling large scale deployment, we promote, encourage and support the development of a competitive environment.

The LCA mission is to structure activities around the Light Communication domain, at different levels: Publications, market analysis, use cases, liaison, technology, and management.

The Annual membership fee is 5000 Euros.

At least one (1) General Meeting of Members must be held each year on such day and at such hour as may be announced by the Board. All Members can participate with one (1) representative. Additional representatives will be permitted to join any meeting but they will not be considered as eligible to vote

Foster and enhance ecosystem engagement. Aligning leaders across every industry to develop or envisage business models using Light Communication systems & technologies by defining a standard of education in an efficient communication & co-operation frame.

The benefits expected of the Alliance are the followings:

– Creation of a community working for the promotion of Light Communication, sharing concrete approaches to deliver solutions in line with real needs.

– Support for relevant actions that accelerate the time to market through a push-pull process.

– Market enabling, through a strategic exploitation plan for well-defined technologies or supporting actions in the relevant standardization bodies.

– Reinforcing multi-vendor interactions for a diverse ecosystem.

– Reinforcing interactions with other industrial Alliances and Standard Development Organizations to help the light Communication Alliance address various topics including but not limited to product certification.

– Improved visibility on the developing Light Communication market to secure a better position in a growing market.

– Promote common white paper to provide technical and marketing direction and help the market growth.

It is a unique opportunity to bring together big global actors in communications, lighting, and device manufacturing industries, but not limited to these, as Light Communication should have a positive impact on many other fields.

Founding members and newcomers will take leadership in defining the roadmap of the Alliance with the cooperation and a balanced approach. Members will also get the benefit from a vibrant ecosystem of active contributors offering solutions, products & services, which create new and sustainable business opportunities.

In addition to the founding members that all have a strong influence in their respective field, and who strongly believe in the technology, it’s technical potential, social benefits, market perspectives, and sustainability, the LCA benefits from the decision of the IEEE 802.11 Working Group to create a Task Group to work on an LC amendment the IEEE standard.

Also, other standards already exist or are being created to standardize various light communication technologies. The most famous example is the IEEE 802.15.7-2011, which is now being revised to have a greater focus on OCC.

In the near future, the LCA will also interact with other Alliances and Standards Development Organizations of interest. The interaction with other industrial Alliances is motivated by the need to support coordinated actions, such as certification. It will also offer an opportunity to learn and prepare the required processes and capabilities to facilitate an independent certification process if this should be required.

The LCA is open to membership from all industries spanning across light and communications including chip manufacturers, OEMs, network operators, lighting manufacturers, and light communications innovators. But we will also welcome some key players and pioneers from other industries such as avionics, automotive, healthcare.

With an unprecedented volume of connected objects and wireless devices, Light Communication technologies such as LiFi could support the exponential growth of demand for wireless communications and data in addition to technologies such as 5G.

These technologies will also support these tremendous changes, thereby another layer to security aspects for critical infrastructures and connections.

It’s also a social catalyst that re-empower users with a meaningful technology that clearly give them transparency and choice about when they are connected. And it is a real and strong opportunity to design a bright future for our planet with a power efficient technology that reuses existing LED infrastructures.


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Light Communications Alliance formed by Global Industry Leaders

It’s an open, non-profit association of members who aim to promote Light Communications technology with a consistent, focused and concise approach.

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