A European partnership for an international ambition

ZERO1, a pioneer in light communication (LC) and optical camera communication (OCC) technology is pleased to announce the signing of a strategic partnership with SITUM, a leading company in navigation and indoor location systems.

Combining LED light with a powerful geolocation system, extremely precise guidance, and the reception of information on smartphones are the promise of this unique partnership.

Together, SITUM and ZERO1 encourage the adoption of green technology with low power, energy, low interference, low maintenance while offering ultra-high reliability and an unprecedented user experience.

SITUM’s platform for indoor navigation and localization will be the first in the world to integrate the OCC of ZERO1 (defined as an international standard) this opening to all sectors the possibility of using what is already available, namely the LED infrastructure in buildings.

It is also a partnership between two European companies, which place innovation at the heart of building management services, shopping centers, airports, hospitals, stadiums, head offices, factories, or museums…

The combination of SITUM IPS and ZERO1 OCC technologies will further enhance businesses. It will allow many users to adopt new mobility habits while discovering new POIs without wasting time searching for them.


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