2023 LiFi Conference

The LiFi Conference 2023, hosted by Jakajima, is the world’s largest. The LCA is proud to be the co-branding partner of the LiFi Conference 2023, allowing professionals from all over the globe to gather together to share applications, ideas, new developments and ways to integrate LiFi in services, both for consumers and professionals.

The LCA has 2 board members being key note speakers:

      1. Dominique Chiaroni (Vice-Chair of the Light Communication Alliance and Bell Labs Senior Researcher). Dominique’s topic of discussion is ‘Light Communications Alliance: a key institution for a greener ICT’, find out more here.
      2. Nikolas Serafimovski (Co-Chairman for the Light Communication Alliance. & VP. Standardization and Business Development for pureLiFi). Nikola’s topic of discussion is ‘ On standardisation of LiFi and beyond’, find out more here.

To view the rest of the speakers and the programme order for the LiFi Conference, visit here.

The following topics will be covered across the conference:

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